Touch For Health Kinesiology


How balanced are you?

In Touch for Health Kinesiology our aim is to work with a client to help their ind and body to reach a stage of "balance"  Using the three sides of a triangle in TFH we work with you to balance your anatomical, physiological and  emotional self.  If all aspects of your life - anatomically, physiologically and emotionally are "in balance" we create an equilateral triangle i.e. all sides are the same length.  The triangle being the most stable of shapes.  In practice most of the time we are metaphorically more likely to be scalene or isosceles triangles, so the action of being in balance releases the stress in all areas of the body



In the modern world, whether we like it or not, we are all subject to a term we call "stress."  We could perceive that as an imbalance of energy to parts of the body or mind prevents the "flow" that we achieve in situations that seem to be easy.  The good thing is that the body does know where "balance" is; our role using Kinesiology is to allow your body to communicate in such a way that we are able to facilitate that change


How is it done?

Whether standing, sitting or laying down on a couch a Touch for Health kinesiology practitioner is able to work wth you using a technique called 'muscle monitoring" or "muscle testing."  The technique uses very little pressure (about 2 lb/ 1 Kg of pressure) on a contracted muscle.  When pressure is a applied to a muscle being tested, if it locks in position comfortably, we can deuce that this meridian (energy pathway) has sufficient energy to hold the integrity of the muscle in a locked position.  If the integrity of the muscle is unable to hold it in a locked position, we would say that its "unlocking" and as such some form of stress is preventing it doing so. and can include food sensitivities too.  Our role using Kinesiology is to work out what your body needs to alleviate this.

keeping well

Keep hydrated!

How often do you breathe out daily?  Ever thought about it?

What happens when you breathe out onto a mirror? - condensation is created when your warm breath hits the cooler mirror.  So if that's one breath, and the amount of water leaving the body then; how much water do we lose daily?...

Unless you replenish the water the body cannot work effectively and properly, so do yourself a huge favour and drink more water.  For most adults about 2 litres of still water a day is what we need, but of there will be times of more stress and exertion where we need more.