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When people ask what do you do, my answer has often been:-

"I work with individuals, teams and businesses to build capability through flexibility."

That's all well and good, but what does that mean?

My role in a coaching, development and support role is to get you to get the best out of yourself; and with teams with each other.  In the world of coaching there are many different models that coaches may use to help they clients achieve their goals, aims or objectives.  My role is to ask good questions, and rather than having you follow a prescribed coaching mode that suits the coach, we find the path that is most appropriate for you.  This means joining you in your "map of the world"

As a coach my role is to get you to get the best out of you whether working with you individually or as a group.  It might be that you're also interested in becoming a coach in future and with my colleague June O'Driscoll at Thoughtitude, we run a leading Coach Training course details below.

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Become a coach with our Accredited Diploma in Coach Training

Accredited Diploma in Coach Training

This course is accredited by The Association for Coaching and is delivered with my colleague June O'Driscoll at Thoughtitude.

With Coaching training we recognise that making the right choice is of paramount importance, as this may be a choice to develop yourself with a view to making a career change or even enhance what you offer already.

About Learning with Us?

Learning is a wonderful and natural process and with appropriate, meaningful and enjoyable tuition, you will be able to notice how you can use your skills immediately through useful and imaginative exercises as well as coursework designed to grow you further.  We believe that if the process is a fun one, knowledge will be far easier to develop and you will be wanting to put it into practice as soon as possible.

You may be curious about other techniques and approaches used in the field of personal development and at Thoughtitude we are able to give you an appreciation of developing your skills across a wide range of fields.

What do I get from this course?

Great Training with Fun

Extensive Course Manuals

Practical Informal Assessments (no exams)

Accredited Diploma in Coach Training

Peer Coaching

Coaching Supervision

All the skills to be a Life or Business Coach

What will I learn?

Definitions & differences between coaching, mentoring and therapy

Coaching Foundations

The Benefits of Coaching

Coaching Principles

Coaching Ethics

Coaching relationship – Development and Maintenance

The importance of Language

The importance of Listening

What’s Empathy all about?

Structure and framework for coaching

Coaching Models

Psychometrics in Coaching

Coaching Exercises

Feedback & FeedForward

Coaching Assignments

The Beginning, The Middle and The End

Face to Face Coaching

Group Coaching

Telephone/Skype Coaching

Setting up a coaching practice

Coaching Issues

What do I need to do to qualify?

Attend the 10 Days training

Practice Coaching sessions with peers (In Class)

Be Assessed on Coaching assignments in class (in Class)

For further details click on the link here

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Coaching and coach training testimonials

Just loved it. Completely surpassed my expectations. I learnt so much but go away with so much more than knowledge – I take self belief, confidence and friends away too. I am so excited about the future.

Emma J, London


This course has truly been life changing for me! I am going to completely change the way I coach people and rip up all the scripts I have at home.

VLN, East Sussex

Performance Coach

Next course coming up, soon!

The next course is coming up very soon.  Book now for inclusion on 13-21 January 2018.  We look forward to welcoming you and guiding you in to your new skill and possibly new career!

ADCT Coaching course details


Q.  Does this course just allow me to be a life coach?

A. No, coaching is a generic set of skills - and you will never use a standard format with anyone that you coach in effect; so whether you choose to become an executive coach, business coach, life coach, relationship coach etc., no matter what, these coaching skills give you the base on which to build your coaching career

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