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Dawn - Testimonials

"Dawn was recommended to me by a family member after I was diagnosed with a serious illness. I wanted to see someone who understood the language of the body beyond medical science and who understood the fundamental role the mind plays in triggering the body's ability to heal itself. Unbeknown to me at the time, I struck gold with Dawn. 

Dawn has the requisite certificates and qualifications to prove she is a naturopath, but it is her ability to combine analytical thinking with intuition that place her in a class of her own. She has incredible empathy and goes beyond documenting a backstory of diet and lifestyle information in proactively seeking to understand the root cause of the ailment. With a medical profession focused on effect rather than cause, it is so refreshing to be treated by someone who insists on probing beyond the surface and pursuing root causes.

Although I first began to use Dawn regarding a serious illness, I was so impressed with Dawn's advice and insights that I now consult her on any ailment, no matter how minor.  Dawn will devote the same level of time and energy, irrespective of the gravity of the diagnosis. Furthermore, she encourages communication between appointments so it is an ongoing relationship which isn't restricted to formal appointments.

Since I began to see Dawn, other family members have also been using her and reported significant improvements in their conditions. We all agree Dawn offers clients a sense of empowerment as they are actively involved in the healing process and do not feel at the mercy of a mysterious, sudden or inexplicable malfunction of the body.

I strongly recommend you reach out to Dawn if you want to take charge of your condition. You will not regret it."

Client diagnosed with lymphoma in 2015

I first went see Dawn when my son was suffering form significant and quite serious digestive issues. We had been in and out of the hospital for months and I was struggling. After an in-depth discussion, Dawn advised foods for my son that should be consumed regularly and others that should be avoided to help his digestive transit. She did surrogate kinesiology on him (via me), this may be a  leap of faith for some but I can honestly say its one of the most informative alternative therapies I have used. Not only was Dawn able to advise as to what organs or body systems were out of tune but also what emotions corresponded to them. To say this was insightful and rung true to our situation would be an understatement. In was invaluable. The nutritional advice, kinesiology and therapeutic hour with Dawn is well worth the investment. I have continued to use her on a regular basis ever since for a balance for myself and the results of a session at times have been astounding. I highly recommend a visit.   CN

I went to see Dawn as I have suffered from really bad IBS for most of my adult life, but at this time it had become unbearable. Everyday my stomach would be so swollen that I could not wear any of my normal clothes, the pain & stomach cramps were so unbearable most days that I would cry & I had no energy at all; not a good situation when you have young children!  No matter how healthy a diet I had or what IBS tablets I took nothing helped.

When I went to see Dawn she took the time to find out about me, my lifestyle & how I was feeling about everything in general, as well as looking at my diet & symptoms. Dawn puts you at immediate ease & is very caring & kind & nothing is too much trouble.

After going through the muscle testing (which is good fun), it showed what foods I needed to avoid & that I needed to follow the low FODMAP personalised nutritional care plan.  During the next few weeks of following the new plan the results were amazing. The bloating & cramps disappeared & my energy levels felt like they went through the roof. I can not say enough how brilliant it felt to be back to my happy self & feeling so much better in every way.

Dawn also balances you & I still go to see her, especially if there are stresses going on in my life. After an appointment I always leave feeling happy, calm & without a care in the world.

I can not recommend Dawn highly enough, she really has changed my life for the better. My daughter has also been to see her & Dawn helped her too, she is amazing.

I consulted Dawn about some symptoms I had after I had heard about her skills in naturopathy and natural ways of resolving long standing medical and physiological problems.

My main symptoms were to do with IBS type symptoms and increasingly lower levels of energy and zest which was proving somewhat debilitating in a demanding career. My weight had also increased over the years to an obese level, which was no doubt contributing to my general malaise.

Dawn listened to all my symptoms with a very attentive ear and gracefully sympathetic manner which encouraged me to be open about all my embarrassing symptoms. She carried out some unusual techniques to assess the cause of the problems and possible solutions. I was then given a specific list of foods to avoid and those to consume more of. This was for a period of three months so that the body could heal itself and this period seemed bearable to stick with it.

The changed diet was also designed to avoid cravings and that worked for even alcohol. I was astounded after two weeks to have lost 6 pounds, which encouraged me to keep going. When I next consulted Dawn after three months, I had lost a total of two stone with improved IBS symptoms and increased mobility and energy.  I asked to continue the nutritional plan so that I could maximise the weight loss to a level in keeping with my age and height. After a further two months I had lost another stone, and two months later, I had lost a total of 4 stone from my initial weight.

This put me at the weight I had about 20 years previously so I was very pleased with the result. Dawn advised me to reintroduce foods as my body had now healed and was ready for more exercise to continue the improvement which is ongoing in physical, physiological and emotional arenas. My IBS symptoms of many decades is also improving steadily and I can see improvements continuing daily. I am happy to give this testimonial of the great experience I have had with Dawn’s empathetic and expert ministrations.

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Geoff - Testimonials

The course was amazing - I learnt so many fun, useful and interesting things.  I can't wait to go out again and practice it all and keep learning.  Definitely want to see June and Geoff again and will be following the other courses running

DT Marketing Professional, Surrey

Very good course.  I came with no idea what NLP (actually quite sceptical) and was and have been impressed.  June and Geoff are excellent Trainers

JM IT Consultant, Twickenham

Excellent delivery!  June and Geoff were great - very personable and genuine

VV Lawyer, London

June and Geoff have excellent knowledge and use great examples, very interactive and topical

AF Director, London

Interesting, warm, comforting, friendly, entertaining, insightful, left me wanting to learn more

TT  Proof Reader, East Sussex

A fun and relaxed way of learning highly useful information and techniques which will greatly benefit myself and others around me.  A lovely group of people

FM Teaching Assistant, West Sussex

Really enjoyed the day and cannot wait to put it into practice

EF, Retail Manager, London

The best course I have ever attended and would recommend who feels they want a life changing experience, this course is for them

GF, Therapist,  Brighton, East Sussex

Fantastic trainers dripping with enthusiasm, energy and a really genuine wish for all the participants to be as happy and healthy as possible both within the course and forever after

CP, Psychologist, East Sussex

The most professionally delivered course I have ever attended.  I would easily recommend this course to anyone.  Wonderful, fun, interesting and engaging

PL  Sales Assistant, Brighton, East Sussex

I got so much more than I expected from both of you.  It did follow through well and with the 'chunk up" I really did see the bigger  picture for my life and how to handle people and situations, the strategy was the best.  Seeing in slow motion, bit by bit how I do things, that worked for me.  It was amazing and I learnt so much about me and I have so many questions now in my head and it will expand my brain even more to absorb like a sponge

RS, Business Development Manager, London

It was great, a life changing experience

KS, Journalist, Brighton East Sussex

Love the voice, very calming, easy to listen to, engaging.  Very good teacher, pleasant and funny

AM Management Consultant, London

Brilliant Dat!  I was very tired at the start of the course, but at the end of it I feel really relaxed, energised and inspired

SK, Singer/Actress, London

Worked brilliantly as a team with lots of light bulb moments.  Very in-tune with each other and delegates.

PM, Sales Director, West Sussex

Very positive and I am now looking forward to mastering NLP Skills

DB, Banker, West Sussex

Very worthwhile and inspiring

RG, Occupational Therapist, London

Good value and introduction to NLP

NG, Tai Chi Instructor

Really enjoyed it.  I've done an NLP Practitioner Course before and today I learnt several new useful techniques

Excellent knowledge and examples

AF, Director London

Very personable and genuine

VV, Head of Legal Services 

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