Naturopathy is an holistic therapy, looking at identifying and treating the root cause of disease or illness, not just the symptoms. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are all important aspects in this. 

Naturopathy treatment combines research-based knowledge with Eastern and Ayurvedic principles to support wellness and optimal health. 

Lifestyle and stress factors in our own lives and also of those around us have a huge impact on our physical health as well as consuming the right kind of nutrition that suits us. Together we discuss the impact they may be having and explore ideas for reducing stress, or including better coping mechanisms. 

What can I expect in a session?

I ask you to keep a food diary for 5 days and bring it along with you.  

I first take a case history, asking you questions about your health, past and present, presenting symptoms, also looking at stress, work-life balance, relationships etc.

I then balance the body using Touch for Health Kinesiology.  You stand fully clothed, while I work through a series of simple muscle tests, where I gently put pressure (no more than 1Kg), for example on your outstretched arm in different positions.  We would also use some leg muscles and possibly muscles in the neck, shoulder and core muscles too.  From this I obtain biofeedback from your body, gaining insight into where the imbalances are.  This is easily corrected and results in the body being rebalanced.   Clients often feel straighter, taller and more energised straight away.  I then move onto food sensitivity testing looking for foods to raise energy and identifying foods that deplete the body's energy.  Some people refer to this as allergy testing , but as only a blood test with a doctor can diagnose allergies, we look for sensitivities and possible intolerences.

I draw upon as many natural resources as possible to achieve harmony and balance.  I am a trained nutritionist, so will always include food in looking for ways to raise energy.

The health benefits of eating Omega 3 and fibre in our daily diets are well known, but do you know what they are and what foods contain them?  What is the difference between carbohydrates and proteins?  What kinds of fats are beneficial?  These kinds of labels for food can be confusing for clients, and part of my role is educating the client about food.

Simple changes are sometimes all that's needed and get the digestion flowing beautifully.

Moving on from nutrition, what else could be beneficial for you?  Herbs can be used  as easily as adding them to your food or drinking them as tea, or taking them as a tincture.  They can be helpful for reducing inflammation in the body, helping insomnia, boosting immunity - the list is endless!

Can naturopathy help with emotional issues?

Absolutely, Bush and Bach flower essences, homeopathy, aromatherapy oils and sprays can all promote a sense of calm and wellbeing, and help the body deal with stress.

Health can be likened to a simple triangle with physical, emotional and spiritual health all represented by one side of the triangle each.  Together we work towards achieving an equal balance to all three sides of the triangle.

I will then muscle test for anything else that will be beneficial, for example, a client who doesn't sleep well, it may indicate a magnesium deficiency.  I will ascertain whether the body needs magnesium from foods, and if so, which foods are priority.  If a supplement is indicated which brand will be best, what dose and when to take it and how long for.

After your appointment, I will email you a plan, with all of the details that came up during your session, which foods to eat/avoid, any supplements you need and possible lifestyle advice etc.

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Do I need to take supplements?

 Getting all we need from the food we eat should be achievable in an ideal world, though not always possible, due to hectic work schedules, foods from over-farmed soils with variable nutrient content, or our guts not absorbing what we need.

Simple muscle testing will give direct feedback from your body, letting us know of any deficiencies and exactly what is needed to make corrections; also the exact brand, dosage and optimum time to take it. One or two supplements is usual. Often clients bring along supplements or remedies they may already be taking to be tested. 

Surrogate testing

I have helped many babies and young children who would be too young to muscle test. I work with the mother or father, who will act as a surrogate muscle tester for their child.  It works beautifully and has been beneficial for many families.