About Us


Geoff Rolls - Facilitator and Director of Change

With a background in operational and people management, organisational development, organisational change and award winning learning and development management and development, Geoff has vast experience in developing people.  Coupled with the fact he is one of the UK's leading NLP Trainers, a leader and long-term member of Dr Richard Bandler's and John La Valle's NLP Training Team for NLP Life Training in London since 2007.  He qualified as a Coach in 2003 and is a Coach Trainer on the Accredited Diploma in Coach Training course that he co-created with June O'Driscoll at Thoughtitude. He is also a Touch for Health Kinesiology Consultant and PRISM Brain mapping practitioner and will use whatever training and experiences he has had so far to work with you to get the change you want, when you want.


Dawn Rolls ND - Naturopath - Nutrionist

Having always had an interest in complimentary health, this became even more important after having children, when it changed from being just her passion, to her full time job. 

 Often called upon to help people with digestive issues she is not only able to help with the ideal nutrition for you, but recognises the effect of emotional absorption of things going on around you has a massive effect on your overall health and well being. Helping families and children, teenagers as well as adults.   

She Is ND with the College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London and apart from Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy is also Trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology.


A balanced approach

What both Geoff and Dawn offer complements each other, partially overlaps, and ensures that you have the opportunity to have input if necessary from one and support from the other.  The aim is to engender balance in your development and perhaps the ying yang symbol encapsulates that best.